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Meridian Home Services are your one stop shop to find home service professionals in your area. We eliminate the need for you to search through hundreds of links to find the home Locksmith, Mold Removal Company or Pest Control expert you require.

Our contractors live and work right in the community that they serve. This encourages the highest level of integrity and enables them to provide fast response times.

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Why be forced to wait for sub-par service from national companies? Our contractors respond quickly with less travel time.

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Our contractors are always friendly and treat callers with utmost respect.

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The majority of our home service professionals are available 24 hours a day days a week 

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Emergency Repair

Emergencies happen. Get them resolved safely with our local services.

Qualified & Reputable

All of our professionals our licensed and insured and in good standing with the DPOR

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With our focus on local service, you can easily find us online using any major search engine or business directory.

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Locksmith - 844-263-5154

Pest Control - 877-454-7432

Mold Removal - 877-123-4567